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Sam’s Favorites 🙂

Beverage – Tenzo Tea

Here’s the deal, my friends from college started this Matcha Green Tea company called, Tenzo Tea. Since I’m a ride or die coffee person, I wasn’t optimistic about the fact that I was going to suddenly become a tea person. However, I’ve been drinking it consistently and have reduced my coffee intake for sure. I feel healthier when I start my day and I actually love the taste.

Samantha Peszek - Tenzo Tea


The Gympire Series is a workout program that’s not yet available. My business partner and Olympic teammate, Alicia Sacramone are creating gymnastics based workouts for everyone. We’ve been testing out a lot of different exercises and I’ve been sore, soooo get excited to try it out with us!

Restaurant – Tar and Roses

I only recently became the person that loves trying new restaurants. I went to Tar & Roses in Santa Monica for my first meal after I did Whole30 (I did it for my skin, NOT to lose weight FYI) so I’ve been told that’s why I thought it was so amazing. Although, how can you not LOVE a restaurant that has bacon popcorn as an appetizer?!

Samantha Peszek in Peru

Place to Travel – Machu Picchu, Peru

After working the Olympics in Rio, I traveled to Peru and hiked Machu Picchu. I was nervous I wasn’t going to think it was cool because it had been hyped up so much. It was the most incredible thing I had ever seen and it took my breath away. Now, I’m nervous that nothing will be able to top it!


I love all books that inspire me, but this book in particular had me thinking about ways to reignite my life and create happiness in the simple things that sometimes get forgotten. I found happiness in organizing my room, pursuing a passion for no reason, and making other people happy. It was a feel-good book that sparked change in my life.

Peszek - The Happiness Project
Samantha Peszek in Peru

Person to follow on Instagram- @girlsmeetglobe

I’m a sucker for pretty pictures related to travel. It sparks curiosity, imagination, and inspiration for me and I appreciate when accounts like this one executes it so beautifully. I don’t know these girls at all, but I would like to travel with them! So, if any of you know them personally, let ‘em know that I’m a fan. 🙂