Welcome to the Gympire!

We believe you can have it all as long as you live a balanced life. With all the love and support from our followers, we’ve decided to expand. Stay fit with us and the rest of The Gymtourage as we grow our community!

We believe that being physically strong will also create a strong and sound mind. We want to instill strength in every aspect of life because when you are strong, you are bulletproof and you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Building a foundation with fitness will provide you with a strong mentality, and a champion way of life.

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We believe that being physically balanced will also create balance in all aspects of your life- your career, your health, and your personal life.There’s a correlation between fitness and the rest of your life because what you do some of the time is what you do all of the time.So, practicing balance in your fitness not only creates a long lean body, but also creates healthy habits that you’ll continue to utilize throughout your life.

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We believe that being physically powerful will also create power in your everyday life. By pushing yourself in fitness, you will have the confidence to tackle any obstacle that comes your way- in your career, and in your personal life.You are in control of your life. It’s time to be the best YOU that you can be.

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Letter from the Founders

Letter from the Founders:

Since Alicia and I have started The Gympire, our goal is simple: to create positive lifestyle changes in the community we care deeply about.

We’re setting out to engage, mentor, and transform the lives of others with our unique outlook and background. We want our contributions to have a big impact, which is why we’re investing in YOU.

As former gymnasts, we believe that the work you put in is what you get out. We believe in pursuing a balanced lifestyle that leaves you feeling energized, inspired, and strong.

Similar to the way an Empire works, we want to grow and strengthen our community because raising the bar for one person means raising the bar for everyone. We’re united as one and believe we are more capable of achieving greatness as a group rather than individually. Since we understand that our community lives all over the world, we encourage you to engage with others in The Gympire to create a stronger bond as a whole.

In addition to encouraging our entire community to get fit with us, we hold a special place in our hearts for athletes. Having an athletic background has enabled us to understand and empathize with the challenges former athletes face after their career. Whether you were a high school athlete, collegiate athlete, or professional athlete, we want to help you transition to living a fit lifestyle after sports. Mentally and physically it’s a big adjustment and our philosophies are geared towards focusing on new challenges.

Although we both went through a trial and error period post-retirement, we now feel healthier than when we were an athlete. Now, we’re motivated to bring that knowledge to all of you.

We’re excited to find news was to expand and are truly honored that so many of you have already joined this beautiful community we call The Gympire. We look forward to your support as we continue on this fitness journey.


Sam Peszek and Alicia Quinn

“We started the Gympire as a way to unite and empower our fan base. We wanted to show people that even though we are Olympians we are normal girls just trying to do our best at balancing life, work and our desire to live a healthy and toned lifestyle. We share our best exercises and worst attempts of challenges to help motivate and humor you.”

Alicia Sacramone

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