Dear me,

You once were a blogging virgin…until a few weeks ago. Like most things you try for the first time, it was a little uncomfortable, but exhilarating. I have never written a blog, read a blog, or had a desire to write a blog tbh, but for some reason, here I am…

A blogging slut. JK, I’m not there yet, nor do I ever intend to be a slut as a blogger or in any aspect of my life. It’s just unbecoming.

I, however, am still trying to think of the reasons why I wanted to start a blog in the first place. Here are five reasonable options:

  1. My life was pretty much the same for the last 20 years of my life, so I wouldn’t have had much to write about before.
  1. So many other people are doing it, so I thought I should do it too.
  1. Connect with people I’ve never met before.
  1. I keep my opinions bottled up, so this seemed like a good way to share them.
  1. I aspire to be a professional blogger.

As I’m evaluating these answers again, I’m thinking that options 1 and 3 are probably correct. Number 2 doesn’t make sense because I’ve never given in to peer pressure really… that’s not my thing.

Option 4 can’t be true because I have a lot of friends. I’m not trying to say that in a bragging way, but I’m truly thankful and lucky to have friends in my life that I can tell anything to- seriously whatever just popped in your head, I’ve probably discussed it with a friend or two depending on the topic.

Lastly, I know option 5 is NOT true because I have a lot of career goals in my life right now and I feel like I would have aspirational overload if I added another “dream” to my list of things to do.

So, basically I realized that I didn’t start this blog for any real reason other than to connect with you guys and to tell you about my life post gymnastics. I really loved all 21 years that I did gymnastics and each practice, competition and memory has a special place in my heart. Let’s face it though, there’s a lot of stuff I didn’t do growing up that I get to do now! So, I’m excited to share about the cool new things I’m doing, but for now, THANKS for reading!